Health Benefits of LONGAN                                                                              

      Longan is widely distributed in Southeast Asia, such as  China Taiwan Vietnam and Thailand. Itís fruit is accepted by  consumers over the world  of its sweet and juicy sensation in the mouth and health benefits . Longan  was used as a traditional Chinese medicine for different  treatment ,such as  promoting blood metabolism, soothing nerves, and relieving insomnia.

     Longan contains polyphenolic compounds  which exhibit several pharmacological properties . Ellagic acid , gallic acid, and corilagin (an ellagitannin) are mainly responsible to serve as a natural antioxidant  and inflammatory inhibitor.

     Inflammation has been recognized as a reaction of tissue

to injury or infection that is shown by pain, redness, and  swelling . There are studies show the correlate of  chronic inflammation to the arthritis in animal, human osteoarthritis

and rheumatoid arthritis,  and other chronic disease such as

Diabetis, heart disease, and cancer etc.

        Consuming Longan extract for some period of time result as a good natural remedy for chronic knee pain,  which is better than using other pain relieve medicine that only temporary relieve the pain and might cause long term side effect to liver.

        The Longan pericarp  also contain Oligosaccharides  which is polysaccharide sugar form that can increase the number of normal flora such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli in digestive system,

     1.  Reduce pathogen bacteria  :  Bifidobacteria  will  produce antiseptic enzyme to inhibit the growth of Clostridium perfringens, Salmonella spp. and  E. coli in digestive system.

       2.  Improve digestive system   Bifidobacteria  will help increase the colon movement  by adding moisture.

       3.  Reduce blood cholesterol  : By Lactobacillus acidophilus  and inhibit cholesterol absorption through the colon  wall.

       4.  Reduce high blood pressure  :  Study shows that blood pressure is correlate with Bifidobacteria in digestive track.

       5. Increase vitamins  :  Bifidobacteria  can produce vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, nicotinic acid , folic acid and increase the Calcium absorption in digestive system.  

     6.  Reduce toxic material and enzyme : By reducing pathogen bacteria metabolism, help improving the liver function.


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